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 How the electric bikes work?
The bike is driven by an electric motor, which is powered by a re-chargeable battery, housed on the vehicle itself.

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 What are the benefits of driving an electric vehicle?
Electric vehicles have a number of benefits compared to conventional vehicles including:
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less susceptibility to volatile fuel prices and reduced oil dependency
  • Quieter ride and reduced vehicle noise
  • Convenience (home charging for all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles)
  • Opportunity to make a "green" choice
  • Reduced emissions of harmful air pollutants and greenhouse gases
  • Increased energy efficiency
 Are electric vehicles safe?
All electric vehicle manufacturers must meet stringent federal safety standards. In apition, manufacturers have a strong incentive to produce safe and reliable vehicles, as their reputation and the future viability of the electric vehicle industry depend on the quality of the vehicles they produce. . Manufacturers have spent years developing the new technologies that make these vehicles possible.
 How is battery operated vehicle different from conventional petrol driven two wheelers?
Conventional petrol engine vehicles are highly fuel inefficient since they use only 40% of available energy. Energy is constantly wasted in engine cooling, speed control, mandatory use of gear and clutch, and unused fuel emissions. ZON vehicle is a battery operated, electric powered bike. Here, there is a direct supply of energy from the batteries to the electric motor via the controller, thereby achieving 100% energy efficiency. Besides this, mechanical parts such as engine, gear box, and clutch become unnecessary making your electric vehicle lighter and easier to maintain. No air pollution. No noise. No vibrations.
 How do I wash my BOV bike?
You can wash it the usual way. Be careful to wash the motor avoid direct pressurized water on the motor and ensure the electric bike is completely dry before you start it.
 Are the internal parts of BOV bike waterproofed? Is it safe to use my electric bike during the rainy season?
All critical internal components are securely waterproofed and tested. The rainy season presents no threat to the bikeís superb functioning. However, be careful to ensure that the battery operated vehicle doesnít get submerged in stagnant water.
 If the tyre of my electric two wheeler gets punctured, can I repair it the usual way?
Definitely. Repairing a puncture is simple and easy since the tyres used in zon vehicles are tubeless tyres and can be repaired by just using a tyre mushroom without dismantling the wheel,Further a junction box is provided for easy disconnection and disassembly of rear wheel. Tyre protector gel is available as a accessoiry which will never allow the tyre to get punctured.
 What is the warranty period for BOV bike?
Warranties are valid for one year on major components like battery*, motor, controller, charger and suspension.
 Are spare parts easily available for BOV bike?
Yes. There is a specialized department dedicated to optimum production and distribution of electric vehicle spare parts, which are easily available with all our dealers, that to we used 60% spare parts of our zon electric vehicle is universal spare parts which is also avalaible in the open market.
 How many units of power does electric two wheeler consume in one complete charge?
One to one and half unit per charge.
 What is the average battery life?
500-700 cycles (one complete charge and discharge is called as one cycle) will also increase the cycles by proper maintenance.
 Do I need to keep filling distilled water in the batteries as with petrol vehicles?
Not at all. These electric bikes used sealed lead acid batteries and hence require no maintenance.
 When should I charge the batteries?
It is good to recharge the battery after 55% to 70% of the stored energy is discharged or the total continued usage of mileage exceeds 55% to 70%
 What happens if I donít charge the battery pack for several days?
Batteries can be left uncharged up to 15 days. However, leaving the batteries discharged for a longer period will affect the battery life. We recommend charging the batteries regularly and never leave the discharged batteries without charged as the battery might become dead.
 Is it safe to leave the battery pack in the two wheeler while it is parked?
Yes. Battery packs are equipped with a locking facility.
 What additional benefit do I get when I purchase BOV?
Riding BOV is a good experience. you do not need petrol or oil. You do not need a license. You do not need helmet. No road tax and no registration.
 What are Electric Bikes?
Electric Bikes (eBikes/BOV) are standard bicycles that have been fitted with or designed to incorporate electrical assistance in the form of a battery and motor.
 Who can ride an Electric Bike?
Anyone over the age of 16 can legally ride an electric bicycle.
 How fast will an electric bike go?
ebikes have two categories of vehicle low speed and high speed.
 I hear a lot about Electric Vehicles. How will it benefit the customer?
Electric Vehicles are economical, donít use petrol, are environment friendly, donít cause pollution, are energy efficient and easy to maintain.
 How (EVís) runs?
As we know following parts plays important role in electric vehicles
  • Battery
  • Controller
  • Motor
We get electric power from the set of chargeable Batteries, which goes to motor through a controller and motor will be driven as it takes electric power giving output mechanical energy as rotary motion On turning the power key, the power is turn ON.

 When should I charge the Batteries?
All the ZON bikes are provided with the Battery charge indicator in dashboard. The Batteries should be charged according to the indication of the charge left. As soon as indicator shows nearer to low charge indication, Batteries must be charged.
 Will it affect the Batteries if Charger is ON even after charging is over?
The Chargers provided are specially designed intelligent Chargers. They do not allow Batteries to get overcharged, since it has auto power cut off in it.
Thus even if Charger remains ON after the charging is over, it will not affect Battery life.
 What is the effect on the Batteries if the Battery pack is left for days without charge?
Leaving the Batteries in discharged condition for any period will affect the Battery life. It is advisable to recharge Batteries regularly.
 Are the Batteries detachable?
Yes. But, Batteries are heavy & are not recommended to be taken out
 Is it safe to leave Battery pack in the vehicle itself while packing?
Yes, Battery pack has been provided with lock facility
 Are BOV are safe in rainy season?
BOV can be used in rainy season without any problem.
The Batteries, Motor, Controller, wiring etc are made water proof and tested extensively.
However the care should be taken to avoid getting submerged in water.
 How can you make your e-bike, your daily companion?
ďPlan your DayĒ to achieve the best performance and effective usage on each charge. ACCEL gives you easy and comfortable riding always.

Have a safe planned happy journey!