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 What is Battery Charger?
  • The function of Battery Charger is to charge the Battery as and when required. Chargers are rated in voltage and output DC current.
  • The charger converts domestic AC supply to DC to charge the Battery. This Charger can be used with any normal domestic (5amps) AC socket point. This makes charging of Battery pack easy and convenient.
  • The Charger provided with the ZON bike is designed to avoid overcharging. As a precaution Ė donít expose Charger to rain or moisture, switch on the main current only after plugging both the side of the Charger, check and ensure that the small cooling fan of the Charger is working during the charging.

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 Can I charge an electric vehicle at home or at work?
Yes, provided that the electrical system in the home or workplace has sufficient capacity to supply the vehicle at the voltage and rate of recharging that it requires.
 Where else can I charge an electric vehicle?
Public re-charging infrastructure will emerge gradually as the market for electric vehicles grows. Various innovative recharging concepts are being developed.

Private sector companies and municipal parking authorities are also being encouraged to explore opportunities for recharging in their parking facilities.
 What is the Charging time? How much electricity Battery charging consumes?
For completely discharged Batteries, 6-8 hours are required to charge the Batteries. Electric consumption is shown below. (for sealed lead acid batteries)

Battery (AH) Battery Type Charging Time* Charger Units required for full charge*
20 Ah VRLA 6 - 8 Hrs 3A 1 unit
*conditions apply, under standard test conditions
  What are the precautions for using the BOV charger?
  • Do not carry the charger in the utility box of the bike.
  • Do not shake/ drop/ subject it to vibration, as this can damage the charger.
  • Do not expose the charger to rain or moisture.
  • Switch on the main current only after plugging both sides of the charger.
  • Due to high internal voltage, the charger should be kept completely closed/ insulated while charging.
  • During charging, ensure that the small cooling fan of the charger is working.