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About Us

We are the IV Generation Entrepreneurs and have extensive experience in the field of FMCG, Communication, Electronics and Service Oriented Industry from 1992. In 2011, we forayed into automobile industry by promoting Fortune 500 brand 3M.

Electric Vehicle in India
Keeping in mind the pulse of the contemporary consumer, ZON Motors was kick-started in 2011 to cater to the market with III Generation E-Powered Vehicles. ZON Motors has monopolized the Indian Market and have no competitors to compete in this hi-end Electronic Bike segment.

Our core objective is to develop and launch efficient and reliable III-Generation E-Powered Vehicle with world-class design to provide clean environment for our blue skies and save money. ACCEL is powered to move on with TGMP technology and an elegant design.

Accel provides cleanliness and hygiene by providing a pollution free environment and making the Indian surroundings a happy place to live in. On the road test made, ACCEL has an economic value of 10 paise/Km* than Rupees 2.50/Km* as compared to petrol bikes. All the spare parts and accessories are 100% genuine and have easy availability which costs 40% lesser than petrol run bikes. Since the e-bike has very minimum rotating parts and least wear and tear, the bike needs least maintenance that cuts the expenses by 75% in comparison to petrol bikes. ACCEL, the e-bike of the generation is definitely value for money.

Electric Bike Dealers in Bangalore
ZON Motors is all charged up with an After Sales Service to cater to regions far and wide, with an assured dedicated service team, adequate availability of genuine spare parts and committed customer help-lines.

ACCEL – Your “Power to move on”
In the future, ZON Motors have geared up to release hi-end future bike models to the rising needs of the generations. The e-bike will have the capacity that tops in mileage, efficient with power and the capacity for long distance per charge (High Range/Charge) and will be rolled on the roads pan India. ZON motors promise to deliver top class electric bikes and will not compromise on the trend, style, value for money, comfort, world-class standards and hi-technology.